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Taichman Como is an exclusive and extremely functional photo bag - made in Europe of natural, Italian leather. Ideally suited when transporting photographic equipment, and after removing the insert can be used as an elegant bag of everyday use.

Exceptional quality The Taichman Como is distinguished by its unique, low-key design and the lack of compromise in the choice of materials used. The outer elements of the bag were made of very durable and resistant to weather conditions of natural Italian leather, available in as many as 70 colors. The inside of the bag was made of soft to the touch suede. This material not only protects delicate photographic equipment from scratches, but also additionally cleans its surface. Como model - it understands simplicity and elegance, does not look like a typical photo bag, which significantly reduces the risk of theft.

Functionality in every detail Every square centimeter of a Taichman Camo bag has been developed, and every detail carefully thought out. It does not have locks, buckles or any other metal elements that could damage the photographic equipment placed in it. Inside the main compartment there is a removable insert for the camera and lenses as well as a laptop compartment. For the comfort of work in the field, the inner surface of the flap is padded with smooth suede. It is a very good and safe place to replace lenses and computer settings. From the hip, the bag has a zippered, natural jacquard sewn inside, a secure pocket for documents. During everyday use comfortable carrying ensures adjustable shoulder strap made of natural cotton (from the side of the body), trimmed with leather from the outside. For even greater comfort, the weight of the bag is spread on a wide shoulder pad made of leather and suede.

Absolute discretion A well-thought-out design is based on the concept of a bag with a reduced amount of metal parts that generate noise in traditional bags (rattling fasteners, karabiners, buckles, etc.) or endanger optical and computer equipment. The Como bag is almost silent in operation. Closing and opening the bag and pulling out and inserting the equipment does not cause the slightest noise.

Total security. The protection of valuable content during transport and photography is ensured by the cartridge removed from the bag. The whole module has been finished, similar to the rest of the interior elements of the bag, with a soft and pleasant to the touch suede with cleaning properties. The insertion and removal of the equipment itself removes traces of moisture, fingerprints, etc. The walls and the bottom have been stiffened with panels of high density polyurethane foam, providing protection against impacts and shocks. Large, secured with a wrench hole ensures quick access to content. In addition, after removing the cartridge from the bag, the puller effectively protects the equipment from falling out.

Optional accessories The Taichman Como bag can be additionally equipped by purchasing suede bags for lenses that perfectly protect valuable equipment and automatically clean the outer surfaces of the lenses during insertion and removal. The bags have a double, foam-filled bottom and are available in three different sizes. Always in gray, the same as the interior of the bag and the cartridge. The Como bag with a set of bags is an exclusive system for storing photographic equipment.

70 colors to choose from A Taichman Como bag can be made to order from one of the 70 colored Italian leathers. The production time of the bag in the selected color is 14 working days.


Exterior 38 cm x 25 cm x 16 cm, Interior 34 cm x 23 cm x 15 cm, 

Insert 28 cm x 20 cm x 11 cm 



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